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GIT has been associated with the health environment in the UAE for a number of years and has already supplied specialized solutions to the UAE Ministry of Health, based on smart technology, e-payment and high level data security.

Experience and profound industry knowledge has given GIT a leading edge in the adaptation of healthcare systems to suit the clients needs. Such systems could be GIT customized in-house developed applications as well as third party applications acquired by GIT from leading healthcare solutions providers to compliment client's portfolio.

Our suite of healthcare products includes:

Hospital Information Systems
GIT partners with more leading healthcare solution providers to supply its clients with world-class hospital information solutions

Medical Fitness Management
An intranet based, fully integrated, modular and scalable windows based application developed in-house to automate the complete cycle of testing and certifying an applicant, who intends to receive a medical fitness certificate to obtain residency in the respective country.

Third Party Administration System
A web based third party administration (TPA) claims-processing software developed in-house through the combined expertise of many professionals in the fields of medicine, health care, insurance and technology. It covers all the insurance processes electronically (policy details, claims submission, and audit) and pertains to all healthcare bodies.

Smart Health Cards
GIT has developed the concept of 'Smart Health Cards' with the goal of transforming the healthcare industry. This card will be able to hold the following information:

Persons demographic information

Brief medical history (Chronic diseases and medications, recent visits and procedures, major surgeries,…)

Blood type


Health insurance policy details

In addition to the above the card will also have the ability to act as an e-Purse. This means that the card holder will be able to perform payments related to his or her rendered medical services.